Low Cost, Low Profile, High Class

Today was another sunny day in beautiful Richmond, Virginia and it reminded me that this is the season to show off your arms! Now, for those of you who are extra beefy, your naked arms alone might do you a great justice. For the rest of us, that's why there's arm candy. For exactly this reason we've expanded our selection of quality wristwatches! We kept the prices stupid low because we really feel like the classic wristwatch is something that not enough people are wearing or buying since the advent of cellphones and smart watches and we'd really like to encourage their use. To us, the wrist piece is more than a device with which to conveniently tell time. They had been one of the only ways that men were really able to accessorize for quite a long while. It was a way for us to personalize what was often times an otherwise largely deferential outfit; One that could be low key and high profile at the same time. Something about the wristwatch brings back a very particular sense of classical style and an air of suave unflappability.

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